The Road to Tampa Tampa BayWith promotions in place for the ACC Football Championship as well as up to the minute updates on tickets and events surrounding the game, the Tampa Bay Sports Commission has formed a committee to spearhead online promotions through social outlets. 

The Millennial Advisory Committee consisting of “under 30” business professionals in the bay area has already begun to make a huge impact and looks to increase the volume of traffic to various networking sites.  Ranging from MySpace and Facebook to Twitter and YouTube, sites are being used to target the Generation Y audience utilizing videos, slideshows, fight songs, and online contests.  With friends and fans ranging from the local Tampa Bay area to all twelve geographic locations that make up the Atlantic Coast Conference, the ability to obtain information is at the touch of your fingertips. 

Visit the different sites created by the ACC Football Championship’s Millennial Advisory Committee by clicking the links listed below:
For more information on the 2008 ACC Football Championship, purchase tickets or to become a member of the Millennial Advisory Committee visit

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