UACDC logoCommunity centers are the most impactful resource in any region, they provide a safe place to work, play, relax, learn and stay physically fit. These facilities provide the feeling of belonging and enriching the lives of those living in the area.

Tampa Bay is fortunate to be home of the 2 time Non-Profit of the Year, University Area Community Development Corporation (UACDC). Founded in 1998, UACDA was constructed in the University of South Florida area to address the severe economic and social concerns in the community.

The University region has suffered crime, poverty and lack of resources for many years. With support of UACDC, the residents are able to live a better quality of life for themselves and future generations. This organization would not be able to sustain without assistance from grants, private contributions, and public appropriation and without the help of volunteers.

The success of this organization stems from the volunteers working at the community center, such as the the volunteer Board of Directors and the physicians and nurses who volunteer during back to school immunizations. This group has helped shape the future of the community, and it would have not been possible without their support

Within the last 15 years the center has developed a cultural art programming for the youth, awarded multiple scholarship to students, coordinated community Anti-crime initiatives, and launched an affordable housing program and healthcare facility. Offering 50,000 square feet of multi-purpose space, and has served thousands of residents as classrooms, performances stages, music/art and dance studios, a gymnasium and a playground. For those looking for a cost effective facility for events such as reunions or weddings, please visit University Area Community Development Corporation. Some of their amenities include free parking, off premises catering and access to their lighted patio deck.

If you are interested in volunteering or receiving information about University Area Community Development Corporation (UACDC), please visit, University Area Community Development Corporation, Inc at