Jerm here with a new partner website update. My lovely counterpart Lori Friesz over at A La Carte Pavilion sent me an email the other day letting me know that they had just red-did their website. Sweet, another site for Jerm to dive right into...yes I know that I am a dork, its well documented believe me!

Tampa Bay Meetings: A La Carte PavillionI was greatly impressed with how they were able to successfully mesh the use of flash as well as html, which is something I highly recommend to you die hard flash designers...always try and build the flash around a good html structure, as its easier to get it indexed through a search engine like say Google. Alright, but enough nerd talk from me though.

The new site makes it fast and easy to navigate, for all of your Tampa Bay conventions needs as well as planning for that special event in your life. Everything thing you would need to get to fast is right there on display at the home page so you don't have to navigate through the site and/ or look for the site map and search box.

Events, upcoming promotions, email newsletter signup, and even a personal touch in the form of a monthly article by the in house event designer! It's all right there with easy access, and if you need to navigate through the site, the flyout function quite well to give you insight as to what page you are interested in upon rollover.

The gang at A La Carte really cares about the experience that each client has, so they threw in a rare but personal touch where you can comment on your experience after your event is over with. This not only gives you the opportunity to interact with their staff with regards to your level of satisfaction with your event. If you need to know how much space you need to work with then just click on the floor plan options and map the layout of your event without even needing to be onsite.

So check it out for yourself and let the gang over there know what you think and be sure to plan your Tampa Bay area events!