I just got word about this local film being picked up for distribution. These are great and talented guys - so very happy for them!

Pop Gun Pictures, Manic Entertainment, Crytzer Enterprises, and Oddtopsy F/X are proud to announce the domestic release of 100 Tears; a Tampa based horror feature.

100 Tears is the first of its kind to be shot in and around the Tampa Bay area. The film is directed by Tampa resident and master special effects artist; Marcus Koch. This is his second feature to be shot in the bay area. The film was written, produced, and stars Bay area resident Joe Davison of Pop Gun Pictures.

The film is due out this October through Anthem Pictures

100 Tears has been to fifteen film festivals including The Over the Top Fest in Toronto, The Dark Carnival Film Fest, and Freak Show Horror Film Fest in Orlando, in which it won Audience Choice Award for best horror.

Leslie Crytzer of Crytzer Enterprises, yet another Tampa resident, is one of the executive producers on this massive achievement for the Tampa artists. Leslie Crytzer also has a supporting role in the film along with Alanna Baker and Christine Geyer who are also Tampa Bay Area residents. Manic Entertainment headed by Elmar Berger, is based out of Germany and is helping the film reach world wide audiences.

The film stars Bay Area residents; Jack Amos who plays the cleaver swinging serial killer known as Gurdy the Clown, Georgia Chris; who plays Jennifer Stevenson, the films heroine journalist who chases Gurdy down to his warehouse, Joe Davison; who plays Mark Webb, Jennifer’s fun loving side kick, and almost the entire supporting cast are Tampa Bay Area residents.

New Jersey resident Raine Brown also stars in the film as Christine Greaston the over animated sociopath daughter of Gurdy the Clown.

The film has been released in Germany and in France and is slated to be released in the UK and Japan later this year.

Check these films out when you get a chance, and be sure to let me know what you think!