Yeah I know that was cheesy since it rhymes and all, but Jerm is back with a cool interactive update on one of the cool things I got cookin here over the course for the next month or so.

We recently partnered with Heritage Travel, to be one of few rare destinations around the country to cater specifically to the Historical and Cultural traveler. The Tampa Bay & Company Heritage site will serves as the premier online destination for Tampa Bay related heritage travel content, planning, and community where visitors can collaborate to enjoy heritage-rich experiences.

As you can imagine, Jerm is super excited to start this project and and bring you, the Tampa Bay visitor a more historical and cultural travel experience. We just got started on the project though so please be patient with me as we work through it. As always you can rest assured that I will post regular updates on our progress. Get excited guys, because as far as Tampa Bay tours go, they won't get much better than this!

Until then I guess you will just have to stay tuned! Jerm is signing off for now, but stay tuned for arts and culture in Tampa Bay updates !