Hola internet peeps! Jerm here for a quick update to a post I  talked about a while back. 

In this day and age, we are constantly trying to think of ways to save money on travel. Well one way to save money on gas potentially is to calculate how much you are going to spend on gas before you even leave the house! That is where a great site like Cost 2 Drive comes in!

As stated in the previous blog post this is a great tool for planning your trip ahead of time. Now, given the whole "Green" initiative, they added a new feature to the site that lets you calculate how you impact the environment by how much you drive! For instance, in my daily commute to work, my carbon footprint is only 1.7 lbs! To find out what your footprint is, visit the Greenculator and let me know what your footprint is, and see if you can beat mine!

As always stay tuned for things to do in Tampa Bay!