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Women's Final Four in Tampa Bay
Before Tampa Bay turns its sights to the 2008 ACC Football Championship, locals and visitors alike are still beaming over the 2008 NCAA Women’s Final Four.  And why shouldn’t they be?  The Tampa Bay community and NCAA partnered on a slam dunk of a week that resulted or included several impressive stats. 

  • 21,500—Fans that attended championship
  • 16,900—Hotel rooms used
  • 17,000—Trolley riders that week
  • 100,000—Women’s Final Four Coasters in restaurants
  • 1,500—Welcome buttons
  • 1—Outspoken Cowboy (Terrell Owens)
Now that’s saying a mouthful!  All of these figures that contribute to one resounding success of the 2008 Women’s Final Four has everyone locally asking, “When can we host again?”  The answer—Team Tampa Bay will eagerly submit their bid to host one of the 2013-2016 Women’s Final Fours so stay tuned.

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